Starting Sunday October 18th, we will have a social distanced gathering on the east patio of the Ranch House at 9:00am. This is right off the Hermosa Ballroom.   We will also continue the zoom service for those who are more comfortable . Please contact Pastor Ron for a seat on the patio or a link for zoom.



Wednesday at 4:00 PM via Zoom. 

This is a chance to get to know each other

and discuss a variety of topics. For more information, check the Events page or e-mail with an "e" not and "o!"


We believe in sharing our faith in a supportive, safe setting for all.  See you there. 

















The Sunday message is Biblically based with a particular emphasis on Jesus' teachings and miracles.

  Sermons are practical, based on real life, and inspirational.  One fellow pastor complimented Pastor

Ron's preaching style as "the best blend of heart and head I've ever heard."


Our service combines the best of contemporary music and traditional hymns. We are blessed

with outstanding musicians offering their spiritual gifts with keyboards, guitars, and voice. We 

also have special solo or small group music each Sunday.  Our music director is a very gifted musician

, Lisa Hunt.  She is a soloist, pianist, and happens to be the Robson Ranch Singers' Director. Member

Ken Muhlbeier accompanies her on guitar.

We are truly Inter-Denominational, emphasizing our oneness in God's Spirit with people of every

faith.  Everyone is welcome, whatever their religious or spiritual beliefs, practices and/or faith traditions.

We intentionally have created a safe and healing experience in worship and truly follow Jesus' teaching

to not judge others. (Matthew 7:1-5 and Luke 6:37)


Randy Petersen, who has been with us from the earliest planning stages says, "I am excited to be able 

to be part of a church where the Gospel will truly give us the "Good News" each and every time we

gather together."

You're encouraged to bring your own favorite coffee or beverage to make your worship experience

feel a little more at home.


We are an inclusive church seeking to bring all people together in Christ, instead of dividing people. This is the very notion of inclusion.

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Randy Petersen


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